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Web & App Security

Integrations with cybersecurity solutions that prevent users from introducing malware and other threats to the network and applications from external security threats.
CYVI Attack Surface Scanner (CASS)
Find weaknesses in your clients’ systems by thinking like a hacker. Check their public and internet-facing assets, including those on the dark web, to discover hidden vulnerabilities.
Edgewatch EASM
Turbocharge your Acronis security posture for free with Edgewatch External Attack Surface Platform. Integrated seamlessly into your Acronis console providing an external view of your online setup.
Cytellix Cyber Watch Platform... Where GRC + XDR Come Together
Cytellix Corporation
By integrating Cytellix with Acronis, we enable seamless reading of alerts from Acronis into the Cytellix CRM. Our 24/7 SOC analysts will monitor these alerts, ensuring proactive threat management and response. Additionally, if any issues are identified, we have the capability to create alerts directly on your Acronis platform, ensuring comprehensive and continuous security oversight.
TraitWare Passwordless MFA/SSO
TraitWare, Inc.
Real Passwordless MFA access and Single Sign-On. Reduce account takeover risk and password help-desk calls and improve productivity and user experience. Receive alerts for high-impact login events to increase identity assurance and security posture. Single-step user enrollment.
Imunify security products
Protect your web servers from infections, maintain secure kernels, and keep you in the know with relevant information.
Exium provides an MSP-Driven Zero Trust SASE Platform. Exium focused as much on MSP tools as they did their core technology stack to make it more intuitive than ever for MSPs to deliver a full set of modern cybersecurity protections to their customer base. It is a significant revenue growth opportunity.
Can’t find your favorite tool or service?
With the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform, developers, software vendors and service providers can build new applications and share them with the Acronis community. Building a new application is fast and easy with a powerful low-code CyberApp Standard development framework. You can build a new integration or nominate your favorite tool for integration.