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Cloud Storage

Support for data storage at additional data destinations for data managed by Acronis Cyber Protection solutions.
Shadow ONE Backup and Recovery Appliance
Lietz Development, Inc. dba Data-Tech
Shadow ONE Backup Recovery Servers - your ultimate solution to near-instant recovery in the event of server failures! Cost-effective approach to business continuity for your business. All in one Backup.Full Hypervisor On-Server Recovery.
Wasabi Cloud Storage integration with Acronis Cyber ProtectCloud
Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure
Safely and securely optimize compute and storage technologies at remote locations.
Alibaba Cloud
Pre-built integration to configure Alibaba Cloud storage as a destination for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud backups.
Zadara Object Storage can be delivered to MSPs to enhance their service offerings with Acronis. By managing the backup repositories on behalf of their customers, MSPs can add value and revenue to their existing portfolio with a secure multi-tenant platform
Acronis’ backup solution by FishOS Ceph
Sardina Systems
Harness the best-in-class open-source based solution for your backend needs. Pair Acronis' effortless data protection with FishOS Ceph, a cost-effective and stable software-defined storage platform. Utilize FishOS Ceph for object storage, block storage, and file storage functionalities. Supported by Sardina Systems' team of open-source
Seagate Lyve Services
Seagate Lyve™ is an edge-to-cloud mass storage platform from Seagate®—built for the distributed enterprise to capture the unstructured data explosion.
StorMagic SvSAN
StorMagic SvSAN provides simple, flexible, and reliable highly available hyperconverged storage with just 2 servers. Alongside Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, to provide backup and DR capabilities, this combination keeps data always available, secure, and protected.
Pre-built integration to configure Storadera storage as a destination for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud backups. Storadera is available in cloud and also on premise.
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With the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform, developers, software vendors and service providers can build new applications and share them with the Acronis community. Building a new application is fast and easy with a powerful low-code CyberApp Standard development framework. You can build a new integration or nominate your favorite tool for integration.