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Integration: Cytellix Cyber Watch Platform... Where GRC + XDR Come Together
Category: SIEM, EDR, Endpoint Security, XDR, Compliance assessment, MDR & SOC, SOAR, Threat Intelligence & Threat Feeds, Web & App Security
Company: Cytellix Corporation

Cytellix Cyber Watch Platform

The Cyber Watch Platform is the ONLY SaaS platform that integrates compliance, risk management, managed detection and response, and trusted expertise to - maximize visibility - minimize risk and threats - cut costs Fully flexible to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Cytellix meets you where you are – whether that’s strictly for GRC, an advanced MDR/XDR solution, a ‘bring your own license’ scenario, or the whole solution fully integrated. By integrating Cytellix with Acronis, we enable seamless reading of alerts from Acronis into the Cytellix CRM. Our 24/7 SOC analysts will monitor these alerts, ensuring proactive threat management and response. Additionally, if any issues are identified, we have the capability to create alerts directly on your Acronis platform, ensuring comprehensive and continuous security oversight.

Cytellix Demonstrations

Demonstrations of the CCWP Cytellix. View our Youtube Channel:


Cytellix® Governance Risk & Compliance (C-GRC™) & IT Risk Management (IRM)

Risk Management requirements are evolving to align to the changes arising from compliance risk shifting towards regulatory impact on business process. The demand on organizations to understand their cybersecurity posture, report status and meet regulatory obligations is driving demand across the enterprise (small>large) for a non-technical, turnkey all-inclusive platform.

Cytellix® Endpoint Detection Response (C-EDR™)

Cytellix® Endpoint Detection & Response (C-EDR™) is a flexible solution that can be used standalone, enables bring-your-own-license or can be provided turnkey as a complete managed solution with our C-GRC™, C-MDR™, XDR, SOC 24x7x365 managed Turnkey Solutions. The Cytellix turnkey C-EDR™ is a Enterprise grade solution that is complete and has full integration with the Cytellix platform.

Cytellix® Managed Detection Response (C-MDR™)

Patented technology compiles information from the vulnerability's, governance, risk, compliance assessments, event data, and analytics. Delivers real-time analysis, including continuous improvement visualization and scorecard.

Extended Detection Response (C-XDR™)

The Cytellix® Extended Detection Response (C-XDR™) solution leverages our flagship Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal (C-CWP™) as turnkey compliance, awareness and response platform. Our C-XDR™ includes, vulnerability management, devices profiling, network segmentation, asset discover, threat intelligence, leak detection, EDR, pre-defined use cases for log ingestion and correlation of threats and our USA based 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC). The Cytellix platform leverages our in-house AI/ML models for real-time telemetry, threat discovery/hunting and ticket reduction. This is a complete turn-key, affordable XDR solution.

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