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Integration: CYVI Attack Surface Scanner (CASS)
Category: Email Security, Observability, Dark Web Monitoring, Threat Intelligence & Threat Feeds, Web & App Security, Patch Management, Remote Monitoring and Management
Company: CYVI

CYVI Attack Surface Scanner (CASS)

We help you identify online vulnerabilities in your customers' businesses using hacker-like methods and address them swiftly. With CYVI, you can scan public and internet-facing assets, including the dark web, to uncover hidden weaknesses in your customers' infrastructure. Give your customers peace of mind with CYVI.
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Fix what matters most

CYVI and Acronis Cyber Protect offer IT professionals an easy way to find and fix security issues. With our CYVI Attack Surface Scanner (CASS), you can check your client's security, spot external risks, fix problems fast, and make sure they follow security rules. We find weaknesses using hacker-like methods, scan public and internet-facing assets, including the dark web, and help you fix them quickly. We monitor your systems and scan custom applications in one simple platform. By integrating CYVI with your Acronis workspace, you'll instantly access these findings right at your fingertips. Join us today and receive 20 complimentary domain scans and a 30-day free trial to kickstart your journey. Sign up now and explore all the benefits!


Affordable and Simple set up

Start scanning your clients in minutes automatically and in an affordable way. All we need is a domain.

Always know what's exposed

We continuously monitor your network and automate vulnerability scans whenever changes occur, services are unintentionally exposed, or new threats emerge. Additionally, we track data leaks, lookalike domains, exposed assets, and many more.

Make sure emails are secured

We help secure your clients from email impersonation by ensuring their email security settings, like DMARC and SPF, are properly configured.

Easy to understand cyber reports

We know not everyone speaks tech. Our clear executive reports make it simple for your clients and potential business prospects to understand their cybersecurity risks.

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With the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform, developers, software vendors and service providers can build new applications and share them with the Acronis community. Building a new application is fast and easy with a powerful low-code CyberApp Standard development framework. You can build a new integration or nominate your favorite tool for integration.