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Integration: TraitWare Passwordless MFA/SSO
Category: SSO & IdP, Web & App Security
Company: TraitWare, Inc.

TraitWare Passwordless MFA/SSO

Passwordless MFA-inherent access to protected applications, resources, and websites by employing your mobile device as a “login token” or “authenticator”, eliminating dependence on the use of inconvenient and problematic usernames and passwords or separate hardware tokens. This delivers phishing-resistant MFA that includes centralized identity management SSO.
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TraitWare integrates with the CyberApp platform to provide valuable alert insight and user management (coming soon).


Outside Approved GPS-based Geolocation Boundary - Alert

Receive alerts when a user is outside of pre-determined geolocation boundaries when trying to log into a service. This could be unintentional or possibly malicious activity due to attempted account takeover.

User Lockout - Alert

Receive alerts when a user is locked out for failing authentication too many times.

Certificate Expiration - Alert - Coming Soon

This alerts you when the certificate used to create the trust between TraitWare and your web applications is due to expire. Certificate rotation is a security best practice and this will remind you when it's necessary to rotate them.

Admin Recovery - Coming Soon

Easily recover admin account when a device is lost. After identity proofing the admin they are easily onboarded with a simple click in the dashboard.

Privilege Elevation - Alert - Coming Soon

Notifications when a user is granted elevated administrative priviledges. Helps protect against account take over.

Who Is TraitWare

TraitWare is an Identiy provider that started life to solve password risk and frustration. Starting with this focus has created a platform built on security that delivers the highest standards of MFA availble, eliminating passwords by default. Leveraging auth standards such as SAML 2.0 and OIDC (Oauth) to make the solution easy to use and integrate to as many applications as possible.

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