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Integration: Exium
Category: Endpoint Security, XDR, SASE & ZTNA, Threat Intelligence & Threat Feeds, Web & App Security

Exium: MSP-Driven SASE + XDR

Exium provides an MSP-Driven Zero Trust SASE Platform. Exium focused as much on MSP tools as they did their core technology stack to make it more intuitive than ever for MSPs to deliver a full set of modern cybersecurity protections to their customer base. It is a significant revenue growth opportunity. Exium stands as a pioneer in delivering SASE cybersecurity to SMB and mid-market audiences exclusively through Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Their innovative zero-trust platform is renowned for providing security solutions that exceed compliance requirements and enhance overall security infrastructure. Alongside the core technology deliverable is an unmatched set of MSP tools for deployment and ongoing management simplicity. Learn more at: With Exium Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh™ platform, networking and security are no longer tied to a complex, costly stack of outdated hardware that impedes growth and introduces risk. We deliver a holistic and autonomous cloud-native service that protects your organization from the rising tide of threats– empowering you to embrace cloud transformation and Work From Anywhere. Whether your applications are in the data center, SaaS, or the cloud, or whether your employees are in the office or abroad, you will never have to compromise on security or networking performance. Cost or a skills gap won’t keep you from delivering the performance and protection that your organization needs. Gone are the days of multiple products, multiple consoles, multiple trainings and overlapping training of multiple people. With Exium, security, networking, and the cloud are converged in one autonomous platform, which means you only need half the resources and effort to get up and running and to manage your security and networking.


Zero-Trust Security Model

Verifies every access request as though it originates from an open network, minimizing the risk of internal and external threats​. This enhances user confidence as their access is continuously verified​.

AI-Powered Threat Detection

Continuously monitors and analyzes network traffic to detect and respond to threats in real time​. Users experience fewer interruptions and data breaches​.

Seamless User Experience

Provides minimal latency and high performance​. Users experience faster internet speeds and fewer delays​.

Comprehensive Policy Management

Allows administrators to set and enforce security policies across the network easily​. Users are assured of uniform security policies​.

Integration Capabilities

Smooth integration with existing IT infrastructure, including various identity management and endpoint protection solutions.​ Users benefit from a more cohesive security environment, reducing complexity and enhancing security​.

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