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Integration: CloudBlue PSA
Category: Professional Services Automation
Company: CloudBlue

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with CloudBlue PSA

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — our single-agent solution for cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint protection management — integrates with CloudBlue PSA to make it easier than ever to keep an eye on the workloads you protect for your clients. Solve your clients’ cyber protection challenges faster and streamline workload management, monitoring, and ticketing all through the CloudBlue PSA application.
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Deliver better protection with less effort

Streamline your service provider business with integrated monitoring and service ticketing


Customer mapping

With integrated CloudBlue PSA and Acronis accounts, you can rely on synchronized ticket creation to boost productivity. Map an existing Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud customer tenant with a CloudBlue PSA client, or create a new customer tenant from within the cyber protection console and map it automatically. Additionally, you can perform customer mapping through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

Automated alerts

Save time while protecting your clients’ systems and data. The integration synchronizes Acronis alerts to the alerts in the CloudBlue PSA interface, enabling you to process them within your existing rules setup. Quickly react to and address protection issues, and bring data back on-line faster.

Ticket resolution and alert clearing

Reduce administrative burden by automatically closing tickets in CloudBlue PSA when the originating Acronis alert is cleared. Additionally, you can configure your tickets’ reopening rule based on the number of days that the ticket was closed. The reverse scenario is also applicable — if a CloudBlue ticket is marked as resolved, the originating Acronis alert is automatically set to ‘fixed’.

CloudBlue PSA

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