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Integration: ConnectWise Asio RMM
Category: Remote Monitoring and Management
Company: ConnectWise

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with ConnectWise Asio™ RMM Platform

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — our single-agent solution for cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint protection management — integrates with ConnectWise Asio™ RMM Platform to make it easier than ever to keep an eye on the workloads you protect for your clients. By integrating the two dashboards, you can monitor the protection status across all of your accounts within the ConnectWise Asio™ RMM Platform interface and get notified about any issue that develops.
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Spend less time on administrative tasks and more growing your businesses

Monitor clients’ protection in the same place you manage other IT tools with our new integration


Simple Configuration

Set up the integration via the ConnectWise Asio™ RMM Platform console quickly and easily. You can be up and running in minutes.

Remotely install the protection agent

Deploy Acronis’ cyber protection agent remotely to as many workloads as needed using policies. Deployment is supported for Windows x32 and x64 workloads.

Unified monitoring

Get the tools you need to monitor your clients’ entire IT environment — including protection status, antivirus and anti-malware scans, backup size and statistics. By integrating Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with ConnectWise Asio™ RMM Platform, you gain visibility into all of your protected workloads from the same place where you already manage everything else.

Automated alerts

The integration synchronizes Acronis alerts to tickets in the ConnectWise Asio™ RMM Platform interface, allowing you to process them within your existing rules setup. Quickly react to and address protection issues and bring data back on-line faster.

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