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Integration: 4Tress by Datawarrior
Category: Business Intelligence and Reporting
Company: DataWarrior

Enhanced Reporting with 4Tress

The 4Tress tool is supported by an Enhanced Status Report containing a graphical visualisation of the detailed technical data. This can be analysed using your company's proprietary tools making the tool extremely cost effective. As a result, the direct time and resources saved by using 4Tress are a hugely significant financial benefit.

4Tress - Unlocking the power of your Acronis Backup Data

4Tress provides enhanced and relevant status reporting to provide massive cost savings and a significant reduction in response times and engineering intervention.


Extracts customised, relevant backup status data out of the Acronis portal

Extracts customised, relevant backup data out of the numerous Acronis API’s and collates the myriad of data into a simplified and meaningful back up data representation, allowing engineering to make quick and informed decisions for their customers

Detailed and Visible Drill Downs

Detailed and Visible Drill Downs which allow engineering to quickly assess and troubleshoot, reducing investigation time from hours to minutes

Reporting Contextually Correct and Meaningful Reports

4Tress provides contextually Correct and Meaningful Backup Status Reports, through a detailed compilation and assessment of data provided through the various Acronis APIs, enabling engineers to provide customers with accurate information with confidence

Summarised Executive Status Reporting

Executive Reporting on Replication and Backup (including Cloud) success, along with Failure Type reason and frequency

Ease of access using Acronis credentials

MSPs will make use of service account credentials to access 4Tress

Simplified Billing Model

4Tress follows the Acronis workload billing structure which is already familiar to MSPs

Audit Trails

4Tress provides relevant status reporting for audit purposes

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