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Data Destination
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Acronis Backup Gateway for Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure is integrated with both Acronis Cyber Protect and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Its Backup Gateway feature connects storage backends to Acronis Cyber Cloud. The Backup Gateway is intended for service providers who use Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud or Acronis Cyber Protect, and who want to organize an on-premises storage for their clients’ backed-up data. Acronis Backup protocol is optimized both for local and long-distance networks, so it can be used for branch office backup scenarios. Besides, you can store backups on cloud services like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3. In this case, the storage will be used as a proxy to a public or private cloud. Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure supports many public clouds such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud. Moreover, it supports object storages in private clouds. Thus, your customers’ data can be stored and managed in the corresponding public or private cloud. The Backup Gateway also allows you to store backups on NAS via the NFS protocol. In this case, the customers’ data is stored and managed on the corresponding NAS.