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CompanyZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
CategoryService Automation
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RackNap is a billing and provisioning automation platform for selling cloud and non-cloud services. It enables cloud service providers (CSPs) to offer cloud services with seamless automation and powerful management.

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RackNap is a cloud services delivery & billing automation platform for cloud providers to deliver Acronis cybersecurity solutions and cloud services from Microsoft and AWS.


    • Automated provisioning of Acronis Cloud Backup

      With RackNap, service providers can provision, deliver & manage Acronis backup services for customers from a single dashboard. Once a client places the order, provisioning begins automatically.
    • Capability to set soft quota & hard quota limit

      RackNap enables service providers to define separate soft quota & hard quota limits for Acronis backup usage. Client gets notification on exceeding soft quota & service is suspended at hard quota.
    • Extend Data Sources

      Support backup, recovery and cyber protection of workloads and enterprise applications. (ex. Databases, SaaS Apps, and IoT)
    • Invoice generation based on quota & overusage

      RackNap automatically generates invoices for the customers based on their actual consumption and sends automatic reminders to them when they reach the usage limits set by the service provider.
    • Single sign-on capability to access Acronis portal from RackNap

      The single sign-on capability allows the user to login to Acronis panel from the RackNap customer panel itself.