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N-able RMM
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with N-able RMM

The script-based integration between Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — our single-agent solution for cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint protection management — with N-able RMM enables remote mass-deployment of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud on as many workloads as needed with minimal efforts. Additionally, you can efficiently manage, configure, and monitor cyber protection plans, tasks, and statuses through a single interface.

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Simple configuration via a set of scripts
The integration with N-able RMM leverages specific scripts to enable key cyber protection functionalities. The scripts are available for Windows, Linux and macOS and can be downloaded from the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud management console.
Remotely install or uninstall the protection agent
Service providers can deploy the cyber protection agent remotely to as many workloads as needed by uploading a special agent installation script to N-able RMM. The script has different versions to support Windows, Linux and macOS deployments.
Apply and revoke cyber protection plans on a client level
Leverage the cyber protection plan configured during the initial setup. Apply it to one or multiple client workloads via a script that can be easily uploaded to N-able RMM. Unleash the power of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to strengthen the cyber resilience of you and your clients.
Schedule or manually run cyber protection tasks
Service providers can also choose to start a script and run a task with key cyber protection functionalities — backup, antivirus and anti-malware protection, vulnerability assessments, patch management, or data protection map.
Monitor protection statuses, and receive Acronis alerts and notifications
Monitor the status of the applied protection plans or tasks within the N-able RMM interface. Seamlessly track if antivirus and anti-malware scans are run on time, backups are set on schedule, and patching is performed as required.
Leverage the native N-able RMM ticketing, and alerting functionality
The integration synchronizes Acronis alerts to the alerts in N-able RMM, allowing you to process them within your existing rules setup.