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CompanyInterworks Technologies Ltd.
CategoryService Automation
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The integration with Acronis Cyber Cloud provides a risk-free, cost-effective, time-efficient and user-friendly cloud backup, disaster recovery and file access, sync and share selling experience for service providers and distributors.

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Risk-free, cost-effective, time-efficient and user-friendly.

Enabling Service Providers and Distributors start selling Acronis Cyber Cloud and Microsoft Cloud on the spot. Become a successful Acronis Cyber Cloud Service Provider with platform.


    • Cloud Business Platform

      A fully integrated, end-to-end business management platform tailored to meet the needs of Distributors, Service Providers and Software Vendors.
    • Billing

      Streamline your cloud business by automating and optimizing Acronis Cyber Cloud sales. Tasks such as billing, invoicing, payments and taxation are easy with the platform.
    • Marketplace

      Showcase your catalog of Acronis products and other cloud services through your company branded marketplace and enable customers to order, activate, manage, pay and request support on the spot!
    • Provisioning

      Provision Acronis Cyber Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, IaaS, SaaS, DaaS, IIT and your own ISV cloud services by leveraging the flexible and powerful provisioning tools of the platform.
    • Business Reporting

      Utilize the included advanced Business Reporting tools to track growth.
    • Integrations and APIs

      Integrate your current tools or legacy systems (ERP, accounting software, billing, ticketing system or CRM) and ensure business continuity, utilising the platform Open APIs.

    Other information

    Address the challenges you face as a service provider or as a distributor, such as billing complexity, service delivery automation and customer support. Maximize time, money and effort investments with an all-in-one provisioning and business automation solution. Efficiently define Acronis Cyber Cloud service offerings and capture cross-segment opportunities with rich billing plans and backend hosting configurations.