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Acronis Backup for G Suite

Leverage easy to use, efficient and secure cloud backup to protect G Suite data stored in Gmail, Drive, Contacts and Calendar from a wide range of threats.

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  • Quick Granular Restore

    Recover missing emails, files, contacts, attachments and more – within seconds. You can preview email message content before recovery or download the required file right from the backup – ensuring the utmost flexibility and convenience.
  • Advanced Search within Backups

    With metadata and full-text search capabilities built into the G Suite backup software, you can quickly find and restore critical data, such as a departed employee’s email or an old document needed to resolve legal issues.
  • Blockchain-based Notarization for Drive

    Benefit from integrated Acronis Notary technology to get independent validation that Drive files are unchanged. Acronis Notary creates a unique digital fingerprint for backup files and stores it in a public blockchain ledger.
  • Benefit from a Cloud-to-Cloud G Suite Backup Solution

    Save time spent on deployment and maintenance with an agentless cloud-to-cloud G Suite backup. With help from Acronis, you can back up G Suite data from Google data centers directly to highly secure Acronis Cloud Storage.
  • Scheduled and On-Demand Backups Fit Your Requirements

    Automate all G Suite backup tasks so they run on a regular basis, without supervision. You can still perform on-demand backups as needed.
  • Auto-Discovery of New G Suite Users and Team Drives

    Protect new G Suite users and Team Drives automatically. Acronis Backup simplifies G Suite backup management for you.