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Integration: Zomentum
Category: Cloud Commerce and Marketplaces
Company: Zomentum

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Zomentum for Billing Automation

Zomentum is well integrated with your other tools, such as CRMs, accounting systems, PSAs, and marketing automation solutions, to track all your licenses, reduce data entry errors, and ensure invoice and billing accuracy. Once you connect your Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Zomentum, the licenses are mapped between Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and your PSA. You also get instant alerts on products that aren’t billed or when an end client isn’t connected to a contract. Zomentum puts you in control with all-around visibility into your licensing and billing, helping you prevent lost revenue.

Get Paid for All Services

Detect any licenses that haven’t been billed or that have been ignored. Connect your Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Zomentum to manage your license reconciliations and ensure you are not losing any revenue due to human error.


Customizable License Synchronization for Maximizing Margins

By using the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can activate new subscriptions throughout the month. Meanwhile, Zomentum will increase the number of licenses on the first day of that month. And when you remove a subscription in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, it will be effective on the last day of that month. This process allows you to maximize your margins.

Build in Flexibility

Have complete control over your clients license numbers. Ignore any unbilled subscription or exclude free units you promised the client. Have complete control over client licensing when you want it.

Sync Contract Services

We will help you keep your contracts up to date! Connect Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, link your accounts and map your services. We will automatically update the contract services.

Optimize Cloud Consumptions

Your clients will benefit greatly from Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, but billing can be a nightmare. Send us your monthly consumption data, and we will update the contracts with billing information on your behalf, saving you time and money!

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