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Integration: Wasabi App for Acronis
Category: Backup, Cloud Management, Cloud Storage
Company: Wasabi

Wasabi App for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

The Wasabi App for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is an integration built leveraging Wasabi’s Account Control API to enable Acronis MSPs to manage their customer’s within the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud portal. Through this integration, MSPs account will become the Control Account and the sub-accounts created through the Wasabi App is for MSP’s end customers. All aspects (such as Creation, modification, suspension & deletion) can be managed within the Acronis Platform saving you valuable time and reducing the complexity on managing your customers across multiple platforms. Wasabi’s app also allows an MSP to create & manage buckets in addition to CRUD operations against a customer account. With the simplified access to every aspect of your customer’s data, you’re unlocking the true potential for your business. Free yourself from multiple platforms of management and complex hurdles to easily scale and manage your customer’s accounts.
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Wasabi App customer account management

Wasabi App allows you to manage all aspects of your customers' Wasabi storage accounts including creating the sub-account, managing the invoices, viewing utilization, and more!


Create and manage Wasabi Storage Accounts for each customer

Enable the Wasabi App in the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Platform and you can easily manage your Wasabi Storage accounts within the platform centralized management interface.

Map the Wasabi Storage Account to the Acronis Tenant

Now you can easily map the Wasabi storage with the Acronis backup for simplified management of all aspects of the customer's data protection.

Subaccounts resource usage overview

Quickly see how much storage each customer is using to provide immediate and accurate recommendations to the customer and determine what additional needs each customer might have.

Wasabi important alert enablement

Receive all important alerts for the customer's stored data from Wasabi in the same platform you get all your other alerts and notifications to reduce complexity of understanding your customer's data needs and concerns.

Wasabi Bucket Management

Create and manage your Wasabi buckets within one platform. Once all buckets are within the Wasabi App, you can get quick usage overviews that are refreshed daily.

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