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Integration: Tines Automation Platform
Category: Management, Workflow Automation
Company: Tines

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Tines Automation Platform

Tines is a powerful automation platform allowing organizations to streamline operations with custom workflows, extensive integrations, and data processing, enhancing productivity and fostering digital transformation.
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Onboarding Customer Tenant in Acronis through Tines Pages

This demo showcases Tines' drag-and-drop system, demonstrating ease in web application creation and tenant onboarding. It effectively simplifies the tenant ID extraction process, proving crucial for feature integration. It demonstrates Tines' efficiency and elegance, making it accessible to all users while limiting key stakeholders' access to the Acronis application.



Tines' platform, with its powerful integration capabilities, directly interfaces with every API, handling immense complexity through seven streamlined action types. This dedication to simplifying the automation process underscores our relentless focus on optimizing efficiency in automation. No coding involved for integrations with any application


Tines' no-code platform is thoughtfully designed for seamless use by the entire team, featuring a learning curve that is impressively swift. The experience of utilizing Tines is both creative and fulfilling, emphasizing an enjoyable and productive user experience


Renowned global companies trust Tines with their mission-critical workflows, leveraging its enterprise-grade robustness and reliability. With its flexible deployment capabilities, Tines runs wherever your business needs it, ensuring seamless operations.

Building Web Application and Custom Web Services APIs with Ease in Tines

Tines revolutionizes the creation of web applications and web services APIs, leveraging a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for effortless building and integration. This intuitive approach empowers users to construct top-tier web applications and APIs seamlessly, making the process as simple as dragging and dropping.

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