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Integration: Storj
Category: Cloud Storage
Company: Storj

Storj Decentralized Object Cloud

Use next-generation cloud object storage with Acronis to securely store backups in the distributed cloud. Storj is a fraction of the cost of hyperscalers, overall TCO is significantly lower with multi-region storage. Receive the benefits of hyperscalers hot storage performance and experience faster data transfers, with market leading consistency, due to global and/or regional distribution of your data parity. Immutability and redundancy are inherent to distributed cloud storage technology and no node ever has more than a few small pieces of the parity required to reconstitute your object.

Make the world your data center.

The easiest and most secure way to completely backup your critical data and infrastructure is to use the next-generation distributed cloud object storage platform.



Storj delivers more consistent, high performance globally.


All data is encrypted end-to-end, then broken into pieces and distributed globally. No one can access your files or metadata-ever.


Storj's decentralized architecture makes data breaches, ransomware attacks and data mining a thing of the past.


Storj innovative solution is designed to be the greenest storage platform.


Storj customers can save 80% or more on cloud storage bills without hidden fees.

About Storj

Storj is redefining the cloud to support the future of data—sustainably and economically. Storj leverages the vast global supply of underutilized resources to deliver better security, durability, and performance services. Experience up to 90% lower costs and carbon reduction with Storj.

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