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Integration: SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake
Category: SIEM
Company: SentinelOne

SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake integration with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

With SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake, organizations can clearly see data across the enterprise, ingest data from third-party sources, and easily perform real-time analytics to drive informed actions that protect their most critical assets. With the Acronis integration for SentinelOne Singularity DataLake, MSPs can now enrich their customers’ telemetry with Acronis protection data, to make more informed decisions – faster.
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Enrich SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake with Acronis Data

Improve threat actor risk mitigation by ingesting and enriching data in your SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake with Acronis alert and audit log information, for both backup and security. Having direct access to Acronis EDR incident information and any failed backups next to all information you already have in your SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake, cuts time needed to take an informed response decision.


See only the data you need

The integration lets you easily switch between receiving all alerts, or just a subset that contains only the information you are interested in. Want to see only audit log information, that is possible too!

Simple integration enablement

Acronis supports syslog in Common Event (CEF) format, which can be directly ingested by SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake. Setup configuration is simple and straightforward, all that is required is a syslog server.

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