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Integration: Sendmarc
Category: Email Security, Threat Intelligence & Threat Feeds
Company: Sendmarc

70% of your customers can be impersonated. Let's stop that together.

Sendmarc offers an interoperable email security platform for swift DMARC compliance, safeguarding email ecosystems of all sizes.
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Sendmarc simplifies DMARC management

Sendmarc ensures DMARC compliance within 90 days, with ongoing monitoring and management for top-tier email security. Automated processes provide visibility into customer environments for quick risk mitigation. Additionally, centralized SPF and DKIM management optimize email deliverability. Sendmarc also simplifies BIMI adoption for enhanced brand recognition and security.


Sendmarc & Acronis Integration

With the Sendmarc integration, safeguarding your customer domains has never been easier. Seamlessly integrate the domains you wish to protect into the Acronis platform with just a few clicks, ensuring comprehensive security for your clients' online presence. Stay informed and in control with detailed reports on active sending domains, allowing you to track email volume, distinguish between compliant and non-compliant emails, monitor deliverability metrics, and identify potential threats from various sources. Sendmarc & Acronis empower you with the insights and tools needed to maintain the integrity and security of your customers' email communications effortlessly.

DMARC Reporting and Analytics

Leverage our advanced DMARC reporting solution to streamline your email security and performance monitoring through automated data processing, historical data analysis, and trend identification. Our platform provides actionable insights based on aggregate data (RUA), allowing you to track email vendor policy statuses for DMARC, SPF, and DKIM, ensuring compliance and authentication integrity. Our reports also highlight email failures (RUF), threats, and attacks, allowing proactive measures against blacklists and reputation damage. Additionally, our platform supports MTA-STS and TLS reporting for enhanced email security standards and compliance.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Multi-tenant architecture is a cornerstone of our platform, designed to empower MSPs with efficient and scalable management capabilities. With our platform, MSPs can seamlessly manage diverse client bases from a single, intuitive interface. Sendmarc allows for easy segregation of client data and configurations while providing centralized control and visibility. Enjoy the flexibility of customizing settings and policies for each client, without the hassle of separate instances or complex setups. Our multi-tenant approach streamlines workflows, reduces operational overhead, and enhances productivity for MSPs, ultimately leading to improved client satisfaction and business growth.

Email Authentication

Ensure the legitimacy of your clients' email communications by implementing industry-standard authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. With our platform, you can easily configure and manage authentication policies, monitor email traffic in real-time, and receive instant alerts for suspicious activities. Strengthen your clients' defense against phishing attacks, email spoofing, and domain abuse while enhancing their brand trustworthiness. Experience seamless integration, intuitive controls, and expert support tailored to MSPs.

Platform User Security & Access Management

Experience heightened user security and streamlined access control with Sendmarc. Utilize two-factor authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of protection, track and monitor user activities through access and audit logs, define specific permissions with user role management, the ability to set permissions on generated API tokens, and enjoy the convenience and security of Single Sign-on (SSO). Our comprehensive approach ensures a trusted and secure environment for your team, enhancing overall productivity and peace of mind.

SPF Optimization

Sendmarc can optimize the SPF settings on a domain by flattening (inlining) includes and removing duplicates. This leads to higher performance of the SPF record and removes the possibility of SPF failures.

DNS Change History

You can view changes to the DMARC policy made by all users – ensuring auditability of the environment. SPF and DKIM changes are recorded where companies make use of Sendmarc's DKIM and SPF Hosting capabilities.

Policy Management

Easily configure and manage DMARC policies, including setting enforcement levels and specifying how to handle unauthenticated emails.

Seamless Integration via API

Our DMARC platform offers a fully fledged API that allows you to streamline and enhance your email security measures within your existing tools and systems.

The Sendmarc difference for partners

Sendmarc’s partner-centric platform has an intuitive portal for seamless account management. We’ve created a partner-first, multi-tenant solution with cutting-edge technology tailored to accommodate businesses of all sizes. We also provide our partners with expert training and support as well as lead generation and sales enablement tools.

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