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Integration: Sage
Category: Accounting & Finance
Company: Sage

Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting integration enables partners to sync the customers, products, taxes and ledgers stored in your accounting platform with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Get invoices generated in Acronis Advanced Automation uploaded to your accounting platform automatically. The native Sage Accounting integration comes as a standard feature in the Acronis Advanced Automation package.
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Be more automated, be more profitable

Acronis Advanced Automation provides a seamless native Sage Accounting integration. With this integration you can exchange your customer, product, ledger and invoice data with Sage Accounting.


Accounting data synchronisation

Import your customers, products, taxes and ledgers to Advanced Automation with a single click.

Invoice data synchronisation

Invoices created in Advanced Automation will be synchronised to Sage Accounting automatically.

Detailed financial reports

Because each product is connected to a specific ledger, you can create very detailed financial reports in Sage Accounting without any manual work.

Easy onboarding process

Sync existing customers, products and ledgers to Advanced Automation for easy onboarding.

Sardina Systems and FishOS Cloud Platform

Sardina Systems is one if the leading European developer and supplier of operations management software with headquarter in the UK and a local presence around the globe. FishOS®, the brainchild of Sardina Systems, is a cutting-edge cloud management tool that provides a smart, efficient, super-scalable OpenStack cloud, Kubernetes orchestration platform, and Ceph. Sardina's technology enables companies and non-profit organizations to maximize the utility of their resources with zero-downtime

Sage Group plc

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