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Integration: RackNap Marketplace & Subscription Management Platform
Category: Distributor integrations, Cloud Commerce and Marketplaces
Company: ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

RackNap Marketplace & Subscription Management Platform

RackNap and Acronis integration enables service providers and distributors to streamline their operations and empower their customers with top-notch Acronis cyber protection solutions. With integration, they can automate Acronis delivery, billing, and manage everything from a single dashboard; offer self-serve control panel and help customers control costs with different billing modes and automatic alerts; get real-time insights and data security.

See Acronis with RackNap: Power Duo in Action

With RackNap and Acronis integration, streamline your business operations and enhance your profits. See how RackNap automates provisioning and billing for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. RackNap enables you with marketplace, and admins and customers with self-service dashboards. View more in the demo.


Unified Management

Manage all aspects of Acronis cyber protection services - provisioning, delivery, and billing - from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Automated Workflows

Eliminate manual tasks. Service provisioning starts automatically based on customer selections (per-workload or per-GB).

Self-Service Portal

Empower your customers with a dedicated portal to view Acronis service details, billing information, and manage their plans.

Granular Usage Insights

Detailed billing reports provide clear visibility into service consumption for both partners and customers, enabling informed cost management decisions.

Flexible Billing Options

Offer pre-paid billing to simplify customer budgeting.

Proactive Cost Controls

Set automatic alerts for exceeding usage limits and schedule service suspension notifications to the users, with set triggers.

Automated Invoicing

Eliminate manual work with automatic invoice generation for seamless order processing.

Overage Protection

Admins and customers can easily upgrade or downgrade quotas as needed within the same tenant.

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Get a personalized demo and see how RackNap automates the Acronis service delivery and billing while creating a streamlined customer purchase journey.

ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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