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Integration: Onebill
Category: Cloud Commerce and Marketplaces
Company: OneBill

OneBill Acronis Automated Provisioning

OneBill - Acronis integration would enable an MSP to automate their Acronis service provisioning. A user would be able to purchase Acronis services from OneBill and automatically provision the tenant and related entities in Acronis through an automated integration. This would avoid swivel chair operations and reduce human error of entering data in 2 systems.

Automated Acronis Provisioning

Simplify your Acronis service sales and billing using the OneBill – Acronis integration. Automate the creation of Partners, Customers and Offering items in Acronis by ordering the same from OneBill Ordering portal


Acronis Partner Provisioning

Automatically provision a partner / reseller of a MSP setup in the OneBill application as a partner in Acronis.

Acronis Customer Provisioning

Automatically provision a Customer / Subscriber of a MSP setup in the OneBill application as a Customer in Acronis. The Customer could be created against the MSP(Main tenant) or against the partner

Acronis Service Purchase

This integration would enable the offering items in Acronis when a partner / MSP is setup in OneBill platform. This would enable the MSP / partner user to see the offering items in Acronis on their Acronis portal

Seamless Automated Provisioning

OneBill – Acronis integration would let a MSP to add different entities like Partners, Customers in the OneBill platform and have the data synchronized over to Acronis. MSP can seamlessly manage their billing in OneBill while the provisioning of elements happen through APIs in the background.

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