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Integration: Novacoast MDR
Category: MDR & SOC
Company: Novacoast, Inc.

Novacoast MDR integration with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Leverage the harmony of skilled analysts, threat intelligence and Acronis technology to detect, prevent and mitigate potential threats. Novacoast SOC will investigate and remediate threats detected through the Acronis EDR agent, with minimal interruption to either our MSP partners or the end customer. Additional features of this service allow for enhanced protection, such as active threat hunting and the ability to roll-back a machine to a previous state.


24/7 visibility into security incidents.

Provide round the clock protection to your customers. Security incidents are quickly investigated, remediated and escalated with minimal to no input from yourself. Allow the Novacoast SOC to help protect your customers.

Variety of remediation actions available – including roll-back.

A wide range of remediation actions allow for the best response option every single time. Our SOC can act on single detections or an entire incident – selecting actions such as isolate, quarantine, remediate, stop process or flag as false positive. Additionally, where threats are detected, our team can roll back your machines to previous safe states using Acronis’ backup protection.

Advanced threat hunting to uncover the most hidden threats.

Novacoast’s threat hunting team leverage their expertise and custom tooling to hunt for threats that remain uncovered. Counteract the evasion tactics of modern threats

Expertise from the Novacoast SOC.

Novacoast has over 27 years’ experience in the security world. Our SOC offices are rich with analysts, engineers and threat hunters all with an extensive background in providing SOC and MDR services to some of the most mature security programs you can imagine. We take great pride in our service, and ensure every deliverable exceeds expectations. Through utilizing the Acronis/Novacoast MDR solution, your MSP can tap into this expertise to deliver key insights and ultimately protect your customers.

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Novacoast, Inc.

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