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Integration: Morphisec Adaptive Exposure Management and Anti-Ransomware Assurance
Category: Endpoint Security, Compliance assessment
Company: Morphisec, Inc

Morphisec Adaptive Exposure Management and Anti-Ransomware Assurance

Acronis integration with Morphisec’s Anti-Ransomware Assurance and Adaptive Exposure Management, powered by Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD). The integration delivers Morphisec’s alerts into the Acronis dashboard and offers protection against advanced threats and hardens the security stack.
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See Morphisec in action

Acronis integrates with Morphisec for robust Adaptive Cyber Resilience, combining advanced anti-ransomware assurance and risk-based vulnerability management within the Acronis dashboard. The integration leverages Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) to proactively shield from sophisticated threats, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum uptime with less need for tech team involvement.


Adaptive Exposure Management

Elevate your security posture with Adaptive Exposure Management that automates the assessment of your security controls, identifies high-risk software, addresses security misconfigurations, and prioritizes vulnerabilities. Adaptive Exposure Management zeroes in on security weaknesses and continuously adjusts to address new threats.

Anti-Ransomware Assurance

Augment your cybersecurity with dedicated Anti-Ransomware protection that proactively defends critical assets with a prevention-first strategy, minimizing recovery times and strengthening your anti-ransomware stance.

Defense in Depth

Enhance your cybersecurity resilience with Morphisec's prevention-first technology, an operationally efficient solution featuring an ultra-lightweight agent that prevents advanced threats without additional staffing or performance impact.

Application Virtual Patching

Secure middleware and third-party applications with Virtual Patching, addressing in-memory vulnerabilities and preventing exploits, including ransomware and zero-day attacks, with AMTD-based, signatureless protection.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Leverage next-generation vulnerability prioritization, offering continuous, risk-driven remediation recommendations tailored to your business context, streamlining your patch management efforts.

Legacy System Security

Safeguard Legacy Windows and Linux systems from advanced threats with proactive, performance-neutral protection that doesn't rely on signatures or IOAs, ensuring security without compromise.

Benefits for MSSPs, MSPs, MDRs & MXDRs.

• Create a unique and differentiated offering to drive new logos and increase upsell opportunities with Adaptive Exposure Management, Anti-Ransomware Assurance & Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention. • Positive ROI & Easy Installation: Offer a solution that promises a strong return on investment, easy setup, and minimal performance impact. Align vulnerability management with business risk for a more cost-effective patch management process. • Alerts & Remediation Prioritization: Utilize Morphisec's alert system to prioritize remediation, giving security teams and incident responders the edge they need. • MSSP/MDR/MXDR/MSP-Ready Solution: Deliver a multi-tenant, API-driven management solution that's purpose built and ready for MSSPs, MDRs, MXDRs, and MSPs. • Customizable Branding: Provide a personalized experience with customizable branding on dashboards.

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