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Integration: MinIO Cloud-Native Object Storage
Category: Cloud Storage
Company: MinIO

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with MinIO

MinIO is a high-performance, S3 compatible object store designed for large scale AI/ML, data lake, and database workloads. It is software-defined and can operate on any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. This integration allows MinIO S3 Cloud Storage to be used as a destination for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Renowned as the world's fastest object store, MinIO offers significant cost advantages, with lower pricing compared to AWS S3, free egress, and substantial reductions in data management time. Seamlessly integrate MinIO with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, enabling you to efficiently set up MinIO cloud storage as a backup destination.


Seamless integration with Acronis

You can leverage this integration to configure MinIO cloud storage as a destination for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud backups. You can choose between configuring the integration to back up directly to MinIO cloud storage or deploying and configuring Acronis Backup Gateway if you prefer to back up to your own account on MinIO cloud storage.


Minimalism is a guiding design principle at MinIO. Simplicity reduces opportunities for errors, improves uptime, delivers reliability while serving as the foundation for performance. MinIO can be installed and configured within minutes simply by downloading a single binary and then executing it.

High Performance

With its focus on high performance, MinIO enables enterprises to support multiple use cases with the same platform. For example, MinIO’s performance characteristics mean that you can run multiple Spark, Presto, and Hive queries, or to quickly test, train and deploy AI algorithms, without suffering a storage bottleneck. MinIO object storage is used as the primary storage for cloud native applications that require higher throughput and lower latency than traditional object storage can provide.

Amazon S3 Compatibility

Amazon’s S3 API is the de facto standard in the object storage world and represents the most modern storage API in the market. MinIO adopted S3 compatibility early on and was the first to extend it to support S3 Select. MinIO’s open source adoption ensures it is the most broadly tested S3 compatible object store in the industry.

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