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Integration: Microsoft Entra ID for Acronis XDR
Category: XDR
Company: Microsoft

Microsoft Entra ID integration with Acronis Advanced Security + XDR

Microsoft Entra ID plays a critical role in providing data enrichment and incident response capabilities to XDR detections, especially in scenarios where a malicious threat has been detected on an endpoint.


Enhance visibility into security incidents with identity metadata enrichment

Integration with Microsoft Entra ID adds metadata enrichment metadata enrichment to XDR incidents by providing details of the authenticated user affected by the incident. This helps improve overall security incident visibility, and reduces the time security teams need to investigate and respond to threats.

Initiate identity related remediation actions

Integration with Microsoft Entra ID allows organizations to leverage Microsoft Entra ID's API within Acronis Advanced Security + XDR to initiate quick remediation actions, such as blocking or limiting access for user accounts authenticated on compromised devices. This ensures that these users have no access to sensitive data and IT resources.

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