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Integration: Liongard
Category: Documentation
Company: Liongard

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Liongard

Liongard’s Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Inspector provides access and full visibility into the key cyber protection settings and metrics across clients, streamlining risk management and mitigation while increasing security.


Unified visibility

Get a holistic view over your cyber protection data in one place. Track critical changes to the endpoints you manage for your clients, gain more control and promptly access the data you need. All of these – without switching between different tools or requiring special permissions to view and evaluate the management of your Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud settings.

Proactive security alerts

Save time on discovery so you can focus on resolution. Get actionable security alerts for system changes, user activity, backup statuses, anti-malware, vulnerability assessments, and patch management. Make a better assessment of the issues and work on appropriate remediation and mitigation, thus maximizing client experiences.

Rapid troubleshooting

Take a system-based approach for problem-solving instead of point analysis. View historical data – up to 18 months – to make troubleshooting easier and shorten resolution times. Having all the information you need at your fingertips will help you alleviate expensive downtime and deliver more value.


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