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Integration: Kaseya VSA
Category: Remote Monitoring and Management
Company: Kaseya

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Kaseya VSA

As an MSP, you have to protect and manage a large number of workloads. To do so, you often have to juggle multiple solutions and management tools, which can lead to missed alerts, unseen threats, or unperformed critical updates — all of which puts clients at risk of permanent data loss. What if you could protect and manage all of your clients’ workloads without ever having to leave your Kaseya VSA account? By integrating Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Kaseya VSA, service providers can centrally monitor and manage their Acronis workloads and alerts within the Kaseya VSA interface, and leverage Acronis’ policy management features to ensure gapless protection.
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud plugin for Kaseya VSA

The integration of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — our single-agent solution for cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint management — with Kaseya VSA streamlines the software management for MSP technicians, and makes it easier to mass-deploy Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud on as many workloads as needed with minimal efforts. Additionally, you can efficiently monitor and quickly resolve issues directly from the Kaseya VSA’s interface without any need to switch between consoles, which leads to increased productivity, and less time spent on administrative tasks.


Manage new and existing clients

Link an existing Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud client with a Kaseya Organization, or create a new tenant from within the Kaseya VSA module. Enjoy integrated Kaseya VSA and Acronis accounts.

Manual installation and update

Deploy the agent to as many workloads as needed by manually selecting the devices. A one-click option allows you to easily update the agent on a single machine or multiple simultaneously.

Automatic installation and update

Deploy the agent automatically to any device, including future workloads. A one-click option allows you to easily update the agent on a single machine or multiple simultaneously.

Apply and revoke protection plans

Leverage a built-in protection plan that can be automatically applied to one or multiple machines or create customized protection plans via the powerful Acronis Cyber Cloud platform

Monitor backup and protection status

Monitor the status of the applied protection plans to ensure that antivirus and anti-malware scans are run on time, backups are set on schedule, and patching is performed as required.

Generate tickets in Kaseya’s solution

The integration synchronizes Acronis alerts to the alerts in Kaseya VSA’s interface, allowing you to process them within your existing rules setup.

Kaseya VSA

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