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Integration: Impossible Cloud
Category: Cloud Storage
Company: Impossible Cloud

Impossible Cloud Storage

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Impossible Cloud Storage offer seamless integration, cost-effectiveness, and robust data protection for businesses of any size. Impossible Cloud Storage, fully compatible with S3 API, smoothly integrates with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, allowing for swift setup and easy management. Its user-centric design simplifies cloud storage management, even for non-technical users. Impossible Cloud's efficient storage algorithm reduces data inflation, ensuring scalability at affordable rates. Advanced security features such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and custom policies enhance data security and profitability. Together, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Impossible Cloud Storage provide a top-notch backup and recovery solution with secure cloud storage in certified data centers. For service providers, benefits include streamlined operations, effortless billing, and robust security measures. Integration with existing systems is made simple through comprehensive APIs, while intuitive design and developer support streamline data management. Use cases range from flexible data scaling to compliance with regional legislation, offering tailored solutions for diverse business needs.
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Unlimited Hot Object Storage

All data is hot so you always have it at your fingertips in milliseconds without paying extra or sorting files into tiers.

Seamless integration with Acronis Cyber Protect

Impossible Cloud works seamlessly with Acronis Cyber Protect and is easy to use and easy to switch with full S3 API compatibility.

Object Lock / Immutability

Retain stored files in their original state, rendering them immutable, undeletable, and impervious to ransomware attacks.


Enables you to keep track of all file updates, save a copy of each version, and return to previous versions at any time.

Programmable Identity Access Management (IAM)

Define multiple users, access keys, sub-users and groups with flexible access rules, enabled entirely via the command line.

Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)

Enable adaptive MFA to further secure access to important files and objects, and prevent bad actors from compromising your data.

Multi-Layer Encryption

Every file is encrypted in transit, at rest, and server-side by default, either using the same or a different algorithm.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Protect your data from malicious access on the web such as cross-site scripting (XSS).

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