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Integration: Graylog SIEM
Category: SIEM
Company: Graylog

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Graylog SIEM

Resource-constrained organizations need affordable and proactive threat detection, incident analysis, investigation, and response, and compliance reporting to strengthen their security posture. Graylog Security combines centralized log management, data enrichment and normalization, correlation, threat detection, incident investigation, anomaly detection, and reporting capabilities into a single solution that’s easy to deploy, manage, and use. The product is designed to provide the functionality you need without the complexity and cost of traditional SIEM solutions. Graylog Security’s cloud-native capabilities, intuitive UI, and out-of-the-box cybersecurity-focused content means you can start getting actionable insights from your logs quicker when compared to legacy SIEMs. Lower your labor costs with features designed to help significantly reduce alert fatigue, get you to the informed answers you need fast, and empower your security professionals.

Data. Insights. Answers.

Graylog provides answers to your team’s security, application, and IT infrastructure questions by enabling you to combine, enrich, correlate, query, and visualize all your log data in one place.

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