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Integration: Google Chronicle
Category: SIEM
Company: Google

Google Chronicle

Google Chronicle is a modern security operations platform to defend against modern threats. Explore Acronis integration with Google Chronicle under the Integration Lighthouse Program. This program offers early access to new integrations, making it easier for partners like you to activate integrated solutions with expert guidance and support.

Defend your customers against modern threats

Integrating Acronis alerts into Google Chronicle provides centralized monitoring, enhancing visibility and correlation of security events for more effective threat detection. This integration streamlines incident response by leveraging Google Chronicle's advanced threat detection and analysis capabilities alongside Acronis alert data.


Centralized Monitoring and Management

Integrating Acronis alerts into Google Chronicle provides a centralized platform for monitoring and managing security alerts. This consolidation allows the MSP business to have a unified view of potential threats and incidents across all customer accounts, making it easier to prioritize and respond to security events effectively.

Enhanced Visibility and Correlation

Google Chronicle is designed to provide advanced threat detection and analysis capabilities. Correlating Acronis alerts with other security events and logs in Chronicle can help the MSP identify patterns and potential threats that might go unnoticed when viewed in isolation.

Select only the Data You Need

Thanks to the Acronis SIEM Connector, MSPs have the option to choose specific customers for alert transmission to Google Chronicle SIEM, therefore minimizing unnecessary noise and concentrating solely on the incidents that matter most to them. Additionally, MSPs can select from the pool of 170 Acronis alerts, deciding which ones should be featured in the Google Chronicle SIEM reports.

Have a Syslog server setup? Integration is easy.

Acronis supports core event format - CEF (Common Event Format), enabling MSPs to work with the data sent by the integration out of the box. Alerts are pre-formatted on Acronis side and don't require MSP to create any additional rules on SIEM side. Integration is setup only by providing server and client certificates

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