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Integration: EasyDMARC
Category: Email Security
Company: EasyDMARC Inc.

EasyDMARC - Cloud Native DMARC platform for Managed Service Providers

Your customers need DMARC; your job is to make them realize it. EasyDMARC is a multitenant self-service platform with a pay-as-you-go model that offers a simple answer to your email authentication questions. Becoming a managed service provider partner with EasyDMARC is the fastest way to skyrocket cybersecurity sales, boost client retention, and increase revenue.
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EasyDMARC Platform and Tools

With EasyDMARC, you can gain comprehensive insights into your DMARC deployment status and performance through aggregate reports, receive timely alerts for potential DMARC deployment issues, customize your reporting experience with whitelabel options, centralize your domain management from a single dashboard, and ensure SPF compliance with EasySPF's automated record management.


EasyDMARC <> Acronis integration

Our integration with Acronis Cyber Protect platform provides you a detailed overview of your Customers and their domains. It provides you the most criticial information about the statuses of the DNS records, email volume count and alert statistics that you configured in EasyDMARC dashboard.

Pay-As-You-Go Model

EasyDMARC’s pay-as-you-go model lets MSPs pay for actual usage, ensuring cost efficiency. You only pay for the services you need, aligning expenses with requirements. Scale your business easily and optimize profitability with our flexible approach.

Multi-Tenant Self-Service Platform

Our multi-tenant self-service platform simplifies domain management for MSPs, enabling efficient handling of multiple clients and domains from one dashboard Save time, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional client value with our user-friendly platform.

Permission Management

Dealing with a large number of clients and domains needs proper role management. Add team members to select domains for a more streamlined workflow or increase transparency with clients by allowing them into the system.

Group Management

Having hundreds or thousands of domains and manually dealing with each of them can't be fun. This feature is one of the MSP favorites on our platform. Group the domains by various company criteria and conquer the issues – no hassle.

White Label Reporting

Do you prefer to use your brand identity while communicating with clients? You can customize the reports and other downloadable materials with your logo and colors to make them part of your brand identity.

Smart DMARC Reporting

Email authentication starts with understanding DMARC reports. Our robust DMARC reporting tool visualizes your email traffic, analyzing sending sources and giving you a bird's eye view of your email environment.

Reputation Monitoring

Preventing cybersecurity fires is better than dealing with their devastating consequences. We run real-time checks on the IPs and domains you've added to the system and notify you as soon as they appear in blocklists.

Managed SPF, DMARC, MTA-STS / TLS Reports and BIMI

Dealing with raw records can be daunting. Our system replaces tedious shuffling with a clean dashboard and efficient sending source management. Setup SPF, DMARC, MTA-STS / TLS and BIMI records once and manage them in one click.

Professional Support

Having an expert watch your back makes all the difference. Our all-star support team is ready to answer your questions and share technical knowledge. Don't hesitate to contact us even after the initial one-on-one training.

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