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Integration: Datto RMM
Category: Remote Monitoring and Management
Company: Datto RMM

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Datto RMM integration

Deploy Acronis’ comprehensive cyber protection solution to as many workloads as needed with minimal efforts, leveraging Acronis’ integration with Datto RMM. Reduce complexity by efficiently managing and monitoring cyber protection plans and statuses, all through the Datto RMM interface you already know and rely on.
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Stop bouncing between multiple consoles

Protect client data and be alerted to issues through the same, trusted Datto RMM interface you use to manage your customer environments.

Use cases: Work smarter, not harder

Simplified onboarding

Extend your managed services with integrated cyber protection - with no upfront investment and quick onboarding. Configure the integration easily via the Acronis management console and map your Datto RMM sites to Acronis customer tenants.

Remotely install the protection agent

Deploy Acronis’ cyber protection agent remotely to as many workloads as needed by using deployment components, which are available in the Datto RMM ComStore. Deployment is supported for any Windows, Linux and macOS workload.

Assign sophisticated cyber protection plans on a client level

Leverage the cyber protection plan configured during the initial setup and apply it to one or multiple client workloads. Unleash the power of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and strengthen your and your clients’ cyber resilience.

Schedule or manually run cyber protection tasks

Automate routine tasks such as antivirus and anti-malware scanning, scheduling backups, vulnerability assessments, patch management, or data protection map.

Monitor protection statuses

Monitor the status of the applied protection plans or tasks, leveraging Datto RMM monitoring tools. Seamlessly track if antivirus and anti-malware scans are run on time, backups are set on schedule, patching is performed as required, etc.

Automate remediation

Ensure seamless and automated day-to-day processes. Benefit from Datto RMM’s built-in ability to remediate missed backups and scans such as anti-malware by running the cyber protection tasks directly within the monitoring policy.

Leverage the native Datto RMM alerting

Respond to client issues faster with synchronized Acronis-Datto RMM alerts. Working as one, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Datto RMM make sure any protection event is handled on time.

Datto RMM

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