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Integration: DataStream Insurance
Category: Cyber Insurance
Company: DataStream Insurance

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with DataStream Cyber Insurance

Our goal: simplify cyber insurance applications for your customers. This integration automatically (1) answers 10+ security questions from data pulled via Acronis APIs and (2) creates a partially pre-filled insurance application for your customer to login and complete. Takes you seconds and your customer <5 minutes to access the best policy quotes from 40+ carriers.
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Accurate, easy cyber insurance applications

Our demo shows how: • Easy it is to use the DataStream integration to create pre-filled cyber insurance applications for you and your customer to complete in a smooth digital experience • Secure the process is – we prioritize keeping you and your customer’s data private and safe


Easy: Seconds for you, a few minutes for your customers

Authorizing this integration for a particular customer takes seconds by securely sharing API access tokens. Once shared, we pull data in seconds for your customer and generate a pre-filled application for your customer. With many the most difficult security questions already completed, it takes your customer only a few minutes to complete the remaining question in the application.

Upsell: Spot and fix cyber posture gaps

Tired of asking your clients to pay for upgrades that you know will improve their cyber posture? We can help. Clients can easily share an overview of their cyber posture gaps with you. You'll receive a clear list of questions that require attention, allowing you to recommend and implement tailored products and solutions.

Precision: Security questions answered automatically from real data

The biggest fear of customers: being denied a claim because they filled out something wrong on the application. Using data pulled directly via API at the machine and tenant level, we can automatically answer questions and provide an auditable artefact of the correctness of those answers.

Flexible: The power is yours! (and your customers)

You as the partner will have the ability to login and adjust / override any question responses in your customer’s application (they will to!).

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