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Integration: Cloudmore
Category: Cloud Commerce and Marketplaces
Company: Cloudmore

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Cloudmore

With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Cloudmore’s better together offering, Acronis partners like you can take advantage of a single platform to manage and automate all of the elements that inherently make subscriptions so complex. Additionally, the integration ensures that your billings are kept consistent and error-free. Once the rapid onboarding process is complete, you’re ready to unlock your business’ growth through scale and cost efficiencies.

Future-proof your world today, so you are ready for tomorrow

Acronis and Cloudmore have joined forces to build a distributor agnostic integration at no cost that streamlines the billing of your Acronis’ subscription and recurring services, lowers operational costs and improves the end-customer experience with a secure, feature-rich self-service.

Use cases

Automate the provisioning of new customers

Extend your managed services with integrated cyber protection and ensure peace of mind with fully automated service provisioning. Cloudmore synchronizes usage data with Acronis API and enables resellers to set the sales price — either globally or on a per-customer basis — for straight resell or value-added services.

Increase reliability with billing automation

Handle complex recurring billing scenarios, eliminate manual errors and accommodate unique buying cycles with the help of Acronis Cloudmore integration for streamlined billing. Bring simplicity to your business, reduce churn and build trust with clients.

Ensure accurate billing

Work with an aggregated billing report to provide a simple feed to your invoicing and billing solution, and improve efficiency. Leave inaccurate billing in the past with Acronis-Cloudmore robust integration.

Enable optional self-service capabilities

Implementing a good self-service model empowers your clients, reduces dependency and improves their overall satisfaction. Differentiate yourself from the competition by enabling secure end-customer, self-service purchasing from your online marketplace from within Cloudmore.


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