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Integration: Bocada Enterprise
Category: Reporting
Company: Bocada

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Bocada Enterprise

Bocada Enterprise is the enterprise-grade installed edition of Bocada's award-winning automated backup and storage monitoring platform. Bocada Enterprise allows backup teams to automate and centralize data collection, reporting, alerting, and ticketing, all through a single pane of glass. The category leader for 20+ years, Bocada Enterprise integrates with more than 40 popular backup and storage products, including Acronis Cyber Protect.
  • Acronis

Automated Backup Monitoring for Acronis Cyber Protect

This integration brings the benefits of centralized and automated backup monitoring to Acronis Cyber Protect customers.


Automate Reporting

Unify cloud and on-prem backup reporting via a single-pane tool. No more jumping platforms for a clean picture of backup health.

Centralize Oversight

Enjoy one dashboard to record backup successes and failures, and know when critical backups need support.

Simplify Audits

Stay ahead of regulations and SLA tracking with automated reporting of your entire environment. Remove the need for last-minute scrambles.

Protect Key Assets

Plug into key resource databases—VMs, AWS, Azure, CMDBs—and easily identify unprotected assets.

Monitor Storage

Monitor storage usage and trends across cloud and enterprise storage devices. Optimize usage and never spend more than you need.

Streamline Ticketing

Automate ticket creation and monitoring. Remove manual interventions and remediate backup failures faster.

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