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Integration: AppXite
Category: Cloud Commerce and Marketplaces
Company: AppXite

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with AppXite

Acronis integration with AppXite allows end-users and resellers to sell, automatically provision, and manage (activate, suspend, upgrade, unsuspend, terminate) Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud subscriptions for various billing models.

An Ecosystem Marketplace & Subscription Billing Platform

AppXite Platform is a multi-cloud platform for vendors, sellers, managed service providers, telcos and distributors to sell, bill & manage SaaS, cloud and managed services offers directly or through a multi-tier channel.


Automated Partner Tenant Creation

The integration allows a smooth and seamless connection between AppXite and Acronis, enabling Service Providers to create partner tenants for their sellers.

Seamless Partner Tenant Mapping

The integration allows a smooth, seamless, and secure connection between AppXite and Acronis, enabling Service Providers to map existing partner tenants for their respective sellers in the AppXite Ecosystem.

Automated Customer Tenant Creation

The integration allows seamless customer-tenant creation. The Integration will create a tenant, create an admin user, and convert the tenant to a production tenant.

Platform Driven Tenant/Subscription Management

The integration allows a smooth and secure provision and change of the Acronis Cyber Protect Offerings. Also, Termination, Suspending, and Enabling of the tenant are supported by the integration

Automated channel billing

Automated submission of usage and quota-based subscription data. Billing Data generation for the full channel (Service Provider > Partner > End Customer)

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