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Integration: Acronis Generic SIEM Connector
Category: SIEM
Company: Acronis

Acronis Generic SIEM Сonnector

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platforms are used by many MSPs for security incident investigation and remediation, threat hunting, and compliance. Acronis Generic SIEM Connector allows MSPs to forward Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud alerts to any SIEM system that supports the CEF event format over SYSLOG for further correlation and analysis to reveal patterns of activity that may indicate an attempt of intrusion.
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Simplify security posture by integrating with SIEM platforms.

SIEMs empower MSPs security specialists to identify attack rout across the network and get visibility into compromised files. Now with Acronis Generic SIEM connector, MSPs will gain extra visibility into customers networks, will be able to search for threats across all managed workloads, and correlate events from both security and data protection applications, and run response actions.


Support of core event format

Acronis supports core event format - CEF (Common Event Format), enabling MSPs to work with any SIEM that supports CEF format out of the box. Alerts are transferred to SIEM via syslog server.

Simple integration enablement

It's very easy to enable the integration by obtaining server and client certificates, establishing connection to the server and specifying the server port.

Threat hunting across all managed companies

Integration allows MSPs to select which customer tenants in Acronis should send alerts to SIEM. Since alerts are sent to the same SIEM instance, it's possible to run correlation, threat hunting and perform investigation for all customers in the same console. It also empowers MSPs to search for threats, that were discovered on one workload in one customer tenant, in other customers environments.

Select data you want to see

It is possible to select which alerts should be sent to SIEM. With this functionality, MSPs benefit from reducing the amount of sent to SIEM data and, therefore, lower SIEM invoice. MSPs can select and work only with the data that is necessary.

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