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DirectAdmin by JBMC Software
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Acronis Cyber Protect Plugin for DirectAdmin

The Acronis Cyber Protect plugin for DirectAdmin is a truly complete solution built for Hosting and Cloud service providers. It enables reliable cloud or local backup for cPanel web hosting servers, as well as granular, self-service recovery of cPanel accounts, files, databases, and mailboxes ... all managed through a single pane of glass. In addition, this integration is modern, flexible, and scalable. It allows Hosting service providers to create premium solution bundles and premium offerings that deliver real value and increase retention.


With Acronis full, image-based backups to the Acronis Cloud administrators can protect an entire server. The Acronis Backup agent performs incremental backups, reducing demand on the server and saving backup storage space.
Administrators can recover an entire DirectAdmin server or an individual DirectAdmin account, website, individual files, databases, mailboxes, mail filters, or mail forwarders from the DirectAdmin UI.
Multiple locations
Administrators can back up locally (or network shares), to the cloud, and locally with replication to the cloud.
Administrators can enable self-service for DirectAdmin users. The users with self-service enabled can perform granular, file-level recovery from the DirectAdmin UI.
Bundles and Premium Offerings
Because of the tight integration and flexible structure, you can create higher-margin service bundles and premium offerings for your best customers and managed accounts.
Built By Hosting Professionals
Acronis has deep roots in the hosting industry. Our engineers have more experience creating seamless integrations with the tools and services that matter to hosting.