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Acronis Cyber Cloud integration with ConnectWise Automate

Acronis Cyber Cloud plugin for ConnectWise Automate enables users to setup backup protection, Acronis Active Protection, monitor activities and alerts for all data sources, develop pre-defined backup reports, and provision all cloud services through the ConnectWise Automate interface.



Acronis Cyber Cloud user interface with ConnectWise Automate Integration

How to Use the Acronis Cyber Cloud Plugin for ConnectWise Automate


    • Provision new Acronis Cyber Protection customers

      Easily provision Acronis Cyber Protection services to new or existing customers.
    • Device Management

      Remotely install, update, and manage agents on Acronis Cyber Cloud protected machines.
    • Protection Management

      Assign, control, and revoke backup and active protection plans to one or many machines.
    • Full Automation

      Use built-in scripts to automate deployment of agents, distribution of updates and enablement of protection plans.
    • Manage Alerts and Tickets

      Leverage integrated ticketing and alerting to track and manage events for Acronis Cyber Cloud services.
    • Reports

      Deliver detailed reports highlighting data protection service statistics.