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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration with Addigy

The integration with Addigy enables remote mass-deployment of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — which unifies best-of-breed backup, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection management in a single-agent solution — on as many macOS workloads as needed with minimal efforts. Additionally, you can efficiently apply and monitor cyber protection plans and statuses, leveraging the native Addigy tools.

Streamline your service provider business by keeping your macOS environment connected and secure

Strengthen backup and security, and simplify management by applying sophisticated protection plans through the same interface you use to manage your other service offerings.


Simple configuration
The integration with Addigy leverages standard enrollment and configuration policies for macOS devices. A special script enables automatic download of the latest version of the Acronis installer for your Mac architecture and operating system, selecting either the Intel or Silicon (ARM) installer as appropriate for your environment.
Remotely install the protection agent on macOS devices
Once the configuration is done, simply add the Custom Software you’ve created to the policies you wish to deploy Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to. Deployment is supported on Intel and M1 devices.
Apply cyber protection plans on a client level
Unleash the power of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to strengthen the cyber resilience of you and your clients. Leverage a default protection plan for all macOS devices used by an Addigy account. You can set any existing protection plan as a default one. This plan will then be applied immediately after installation and registration, protecting your clients’ macOS workloads with a single action.
Monitor protection statuses and receive Acronis alerts
Monitor the status of applied protection plans within the Addigy interface. Simply and quickly choose and configure the Acronis Facts you wish to monitor in your Addigy environment. Elevate the power of Addigy’s native mechanisms, receive synchronized alerts, and remediate any issues on the macOS devices you manage for your clients.